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Rocky Hills Station is comprised of five original properties being “Rocky Hills”,“Brackenfield”, “Ratanui”, “Opunake” and “Summer Hill”. These five properties have been integrated over many years to comprise a large scale farm with  . The current owner has over the past years concentrated on fencingand scrub (Tawhine) clearing to what is now considered to be a well runproperty with good infrastructure and huge potential for increase production through fertiliser inputs. Currently running around 11,000 stock units over the past five years which the locals have considered very taxing years with a dryerthan usual climate. The main attributes to Rocky Hills is the size and accessto the property, however one should not discount the excellent natural water and also the large area of virgin native bush that has been carefully guarded since 1901. The potential to add this extremely valuable bush land to the farm income via tourist activities must not be discounted. All in all the opportunity to purchase a large scale dry stock property in the Wairarapa of this nature very seldom arises.


Total Area:­                2261.5221 Ha (5585 acres)

                                    Freehold tenure within CT’s WN20A/807, WN39B/43,WN40A/378,WN30/198     

Location:                   Rocky Hill Road,approximately 33 kms from Masterton, 36 kms from Carterton and 31 kms to Flat Point Coast. The Southern entrance of the property has access onto Summer Hill Road, which links to Martin borough via the Hinakura Road or Gladstone via Clifton Grove Road

Services                     Five day mail, Gladstone Primary School bus at the mail box, secondary school bus at Ruakiwi Road,approximately 8 kms from the home

Contour:                    Mainly steep taipo contour with approximately 80 ha being cultivated in the past. Very sheltered property with main ridges running in a north to south aspect. A range in altitude from60 – 624 metres above sealevel.  

Soil Types:                The majority of the property is capped by a Grey wacke type sandstone, a relatively erosion resistant rock type being free draining and ideal for both sheep/cattle and forestation.

Homestead:              Five bedroom circa50’s 60’s weatherboard open planhome. The home is heated via a Stanley wood fire with eight radiators throughout the house. The home is sited on an elevated section with a northernaspect overlooking a tennis court an excellent rural views over the property.



Buildings:                 Three bedroom farm workerscottage, nine room shearers quarters, second shearers quarters, home-stay lodgein the centre of the property, airstrip with100 tonne fertiliser bin, 3 standwoolshed 400 n.p. (Rocky Hills), 3 stand woolshed 600 n.p. (Opunake), 4 standwoolshed 600 n.p. (Summer Hill), Nissan Hutt, 3 bay implement shed with lock upworkshop.

Fencing:                     Theproperty is fenced into approximately 114 paddocks plus holding paddocks. Thefencing on Rocky Hills is all conventional seven and eight wire fences. There hasbeen in excess of 41 kilometres of new fences and over 27 kilometres ofextensively rebuilt/repaired fences. There are some areas of fencing due forrepair, however in consideration of the size of the property we consider thefencing to be of a high standard

Yards:                        There are 12 sets of sheepyards & 4 sets of cattle yards

Fertiliser:                 There hasbeen minimal fertiliser application over recent years apart from cultivatedareas. Capital expenditure has been spent on fencing over these years withfertiliser application being a potential upside to the property.

Water:                        Wateris a key attribute to Rocky Hills with a plentiful supply of natural water tothe whole property.

Climate:                     Located in the centraleastern Wairarapa hill countrythe prominent higher altitude Taiposattract above average rainfalls, averaging 1200 to 1600 mm per annum. Rainfallcan arrive from all quarters, being 12 km proximity from the coast allows forhigher levels of easterly rainfall. Commonly referred as summer dry, as withthis season, some summers can be moist, however most rainfall is between Marchand December. The climate in general would be considered mild with very fewfrosts in the winter, with normally one to two snow falls in the higher countrymelting very quick.

Production:              Stock Wintering approx. 11,000 stock units as follows

Stock Units

As at Date 1st June

(standard LincolnCollege stock units)





Merino breedingewes




Merino hoggets




Merino wethers




Perendale breedingewes




Perendale hoggets








18 month Steers& Bulls








Other odds andsods




Total stock units




TB Status:                  TheTB status is trading, there has been no TB on the property since pre 1995            

Trees:                        There is a joint venturewith Forestry NZ Ltd on 200hectares, plus 6 hectares of 27 year old Pine trees and a further 9 hectares of2 year old pines (AGS).


Price:                         $6,500,000+ GST 


                Andrew Gilmour  Ph. 61 (0)448 778 072


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